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Foreigners office

March 12th, 2015:
Krakow, Poland.
Intentional damage caused by state-coordinated sabotage: Jewish woman "talking on her mobile" passed me by and gleefully said: "Kill yourself".
Group of Polish policemen, to which belongs border guard Warrant Lukasz Kozynsky (ID A057812), brutally attacking my brain on streets, hostel (preventing me from sleeping) and in public places. Since the summer of 2013, extreme-right groups (encompassing foreigners at Novotel Krakow Centrum, photos available) have used below third video clip (graphic mass killing, no comments added; source: (possibly) NATO public information website). When mentioned border guards approached me, Lukasz Kozynsky muttered "fracture" in the course of our Russian/ English conversation; they implicitly suggested connection with Vilnius airport. On March 2nd, a look-alike of one of the filmed killers walked past me and voluntarily offered to accompany me (as a translator) to "whatever event" i had programmed for the following morning (interview, read further):

Cornell University French military gangsters (walking into/ standing near) two hotels on Garbarska Street, some photographed (man commented "fracture"), police cars driving by (Tallinn, Estonia subversion; e.g.: HPG A400, 5:26 pm; HPG 2416, 5:31 pm):

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Ukrainian men (from the east), German (Dresden 1999/2000) agents and Polish policemen (e.g.: "G725" at 8:42 pm) went by, laser hitting external body parts, brain scanned/ hit. All sources of money income blocked.


I. Decision to refuse Polish residence permit, border guards' report and parts of my official denunciation against the police.
II. Appeal of decision


Two female Jewish foreigners' office clerks harassed me when i picked up the decision (March 11th); out of the three (March 3rd) interviewers (none of them officially made the ruling), two are currently and actively involved in brutal satellite torture in Krakow hostel (military technology - Catholic Church property). US-controlled activists (including South Koreans, black man "bringing in check and picking his nose", Ukrainians) were on the "customer side" (petitioners), photos available (obviously NATO French military "lobbying").

Copy of summary written by Polish state functionary at Polish residence permit application interview (in the presence of a voluntary translator) and my statement of purpose. I was attacked with satellite laser during the official conversation. The interviewer was clearly told that I had a brief meeting with a member of the Latvian delegation at NATO HQ in 2010, that a Polish citizen then had given me a lift to the military compound, that on September 1st 2014 i had spoken with the military attache in the embassy of Ukraine in Warsaw and that for unknown-to-me reasons, after 2010, frictions with Polish paramilitary/ military groups emerged; Krakow military police received complaints by phone and email: